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Radical Unschooling Group Coaching

In Just 1-Hour Per Week You'll Learn:

  • How to let go of fear surrounding food freedom. You'll see why control actually MAKES your child choose unhealthy foods and can cause obesity.
  • Why the act of limiting technology is the culprit for overuse, not the technology itself!
  • How having no bedtimes is the healthiest choice for a child's body, mind, and soul and how their natural rhythm for sleep is much different than our culture believes.
  • You will also learn how to model a clean and tidy home for your kids and how to invite them to help around the house without force or coercion.
  • What to do instead of punishments and rewards even if you're new to Radical Unschooling

What Other Parents Are Saying

"I love being a part of Dayna’s coaching group. I’ve been participating for 2 months now, and I look forward to it every week. As an introvert, it can be intimidating at times to join a new group, but this group is amazing. You can choose to participate in the discussion and ask questions, or just sit quietly and take it all in. Either way, you will learn so much and feel supported. It’s a safe space where we can be real and share our struggles with each other. Dayna is super approachable; she’s an amazing resource full of knowledge and wisdom and insight. She’s compassionate, understanding, and shares from her life experience and her own struggles and how she deals with them. If you strive to live in a respectful partnership paradigm with your children (and partner!), this group is an invaluable resource. I highly recommend it."
- Sylvie

Imagine This In Your Life Now...

  • Enjoy stress-free quality time with your children or teens 
  • Feel ultimate reassurance that you have emotional support on-tap & the know-how of how to deal with your current situation as a parent 
  • Become empowered as a parent, without having to threaten or punish your kids!
  • Fill your family life with peacepositivitylearningconnection and love

...for only $59/month $5.99/month for 4 Group Coaching Calls Every Month - it's a no-brainer!