Sleeptime Freedom

In this mini-course, "Sleeptime Freedom", you'll be learning about how to deal with the issues around bedtime and sleep with children, to not only give your kids freedom to be able to set their own sleep schedules, but decrease your own fears and anxieties around this topic at the same time.

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In this mini-course, you will learn:

  • What Sleeptime Freedom is and how you can start integrating it into your family life easily, without needing to control anymore
  • Why bed times were originally created and why your kids don't need them anymore (and how they'll be better off without them!)
  • What actually happens when you let your kids set their own sleep schedule and how to cultivate mutual respect between everyone
  • What to do if your child has an important appointment to attend and you don't want them oversleeping and missing it
  • What Co-Sleeping is and how it can help your family in many positive ways, even if everyone has different schedules